Jim Wilkinson

Vice President - Operations
Jim joined us in 2014 with nearly 30 years experience in business management and leadership. Inititaly he started with TSA's sister company as Director of Business development. As both companies grew, in 2017 Jim became active in both TSA and CIMA in roles serving various aspects of growth, operations, leadership. Currently Jim's title and role is Vice President - Operations of TSA, and CIMA General Contractors. During the prior 30 years, Jim was president and GM of two different companies in the construction supply channel that offered material and labor programs for select segments. Jim is active in helping our teams, as needed, to serve clients efficiently and effectively so clients see an exceptional value in working with our companies. Jim and his wife have two adult son's living in Texas, as they all enjoy an ever growing family. Jim is sports enthusiast, and active in his local church.
B.S. - Business - Franklin University - 1986