Phipps Plaza

Atlanta, Georgia
Developer: Simon
Architect: Beck Architects
Cost: $168 Million


  • 14-story office tower, 9-story hotel and 5-story food/fitness above a 4-level parking podium built over a demolished portion of the existing mall with renovations to the existing mall
  • Office building 350,000SF
  • Food/fitness building 135,000SF
  • Hotel 150-room 130,000SF with an additional 8,200SF ballroom and 4,200SF restaurant at the mall lobby level
  • Parking deck 490,000SF 900 car replacement garage
  • Existing renovations included the addition of two new escalators at an existing precast double tee parking deck, capacity upgrade of existing precast floor structure for higher occupancy loading, new atrium openings, addition of a new vestibule and new fa├žade at the interface of the existing mall and the new office and food/fitness buildings.
  • Structural systems used were cast-in-place concrete, post tensioned beams, post tensioned one-way and two-way slabs, wide module pan joist, steel beams and steel joists with lateral systems being shear walls and concrete moment frames.
  • Structural systems for the existing mall renovations were structural steel and capacity upgrade/enhancements with fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) and drill and epoxy dowels.
  • Foundation systems for all buildings are cast-in-place concrete grade beams and auger cast piles with pile caps strategically located to not interfere with existing buildings abandoned piers.