Expansive Soil Movement

Dallas, Texas


We were retained to evaluate the cause of distress at restaurant. Distress consisted of cracks in gypsum board, brick masonry, wracked doors, and floor movement. The distress appeared consistent with expansive clay distress.

Our investigation began with a visual assessment of the damage. Based on the type of distress, we recommended a test pit to determine if grade beam carton void forms were performing adequately. The test pit confirmed that the installation was satisfactory. We later recommended a geotechnical investigation. However, the geotechnical investigation did not reveal the expected smoking gun pointing to expansive soil movement.

We then performed an elevation survey of the floor to provide a baseline of the slab elevation, and recommended that a plumber perform leak testing. Although a potential leak was identified and repaired, it did not appear related to the distress. We completed another elevation survey about a year later, which showed elevation changes in other areas where no leaks had been discovered. Based on the results, the pipes were scheduled for replacement.