Kidzania at Oakbrook Center

Oakbrook, IIllinois
Developer: Brookfield Properties
Architect: Omniplan Architects Design
Cost: $40M


  • Partial demolition of existing concrete columns at level 2 and level 3 to a stub. New steel columns added and anchored to top of existing concrete stub columns at level 2 and level 3.
  • New steel roof structure 10’-0” taller than existing, addition of new steel braced frames from level 2 to roof.
  • New exterior walkway and feature stairs from mall level to level 2.
  • New cantilevered glass canopy over feature stairs.
  • Structural systems used for interior partial level 2, new level 3, and new roof level were structural steel and structural steel beams with the lateral systems being steel moment frames and diagonal steel lateral bracing. Structural system used at level 2 exterior walkway were cast-in-place concrete and one-way slabs.