Missing Waterproofing


We were asked to investigate water infiltration in a brick masonry building. Water had entered the building after a storm, soaking walls and carpet. After discussing the issue with the tenants, it was clear that it was an ongoing issue. We performed a visual condition assessment and evaluated the wall system at a few openings. It was determined that the brick masonry was constructed without any overall system to prevent water infiltration. The original contractor had also used raked brick joints, which are much more prone to water infiltration than standard concave joints. The original design also lacked a parapet cap and had raised flower beds against the building walls, which compounded the problems with the walls.

It was apparent that a contractor had attempted to make repairs prior to our site visit. They tried to install a rubber membrane on portions of the interior where they could gain access. The contractor, however, seemingly lacked an understanding of all complexities involved and made matters worse by sealing the weep holes at the shelf angles supporting the brick masonry. At the time of our site visit, the added rubber membrane had failed and was falling off. We have a wealth of experience in building design and construction and understand the intricacies of various waterproofing scenarios. We immediately recognized the problem and recommended a solution to the client. We prepared conceptual repair recommendations to address the distress.