Manufacturing Facility - Superstructure Replacement


After major snowstorms in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we were retained to determine if a building structure used for manufacturing was salvageable. We performed a visual condition assessment and analysis that showed that the existing structure was inadequate, and the deficiencies were too great to reinforce the existing structure.

Because of new Building Code requirements, we had to design a new foundation system while trying to salvage as much of the existing slab as possible. The owner selected an engineered-building system for the superstructure, but we had responsibility for design of a system to interface with the existing structure that had to be coordinated with the metal building manufacturer. The interface was quite complex because the floor level and the roof level varies between the new and existing structures, and the existing structure was required to rely on the new structure for a portion of its support.

We performed construction phase services including review of shop drawings, review of the engineered building design, and answering contractor questions about how to complete the work.