High Rise Cooling Tower Installation


When looking to change out a cooling tower on the roof of a high-rise office, the Owner contacted Nelson Jones with a few challenges. They wanted the flexibility to handle several different potential cooling towers so that they could get the best bid price, but they had space constraints that made it difficult to handle the different pieces of equipment. We reviewed the existing roof design and considered the potential loading. The mechanical contractor had originally proposed two support structures with an isolation layer between, but we revised the design and the vibration isolators so that only one support structure was required, resulting in a substantial cost savings.

We also brought existing roof membrane clearance issues to the owner's attention. When replacing the roof or marking repairs, it can be difficult or impossible to do the roofing work if too little clearance is provided, so we recommended that they increase the roof clearance. A cooling tower was selected and the design was implemented. The new installation was much cleaner and provided space for future maintenance.