Bar Roof Collapse


A severe weather event caused the roof to collapse on a portion of a large restaurant and bar. The buildings in this area were built in the 1920s and have been converted for other uses after being vacant for decades. The construction consists of masonry, timber, and even the now-obsolete riveted wide flange steel from the early part of the century.

We responded within hours of the collapse to document the extent of distress and for an appropriate repair. Due to a scheduled concert just days after the collapse, we worked closely with the contractor to make temporary repairs.

The final design repairs required more detailed documentation such as precisely measuring steel sections, locations, support conditions, and elevations of roof slopes. Since this was an older building, TSA also assisted in bringing the structure to meet current codes. Careful coordination with the architect and contractor were required to obtain the proper roof slope for the roof drains, while making sure the mechanical electrical plumbing (MEP) systems were integrated into the structure.